Friday, June 15, 2007

Of drugs and guns

Mexico AG Calls U.S. Policy 'Cynical'
MEXICO CITY - Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina called U.S. policies on drugs and firearms "cynical" and "absurd," some of the toughest language used by Mexican officials prodding Washington to cut U.S. drug demand and stem the flow of guns they say fuel violence here.

I don't think cynical is quite the right word, but the border security initiative proposed by the President—including building a wall—should go a long way towards stemming the flow of both guns and drugs across the border.

As for the demand side: I agree. Unfortunately, I do not believe there is much enthusiasm for that on this side. Every time I have mentioned attacking the demand side of the drug problem, I have been criticized for 'making criminals of innocent people.' After all, my critics say, it is a 'victimless crime.'

Of course, I don't agree with my critics. But, I believe their attitude is pervasive and will result in no effective action taken to reduce demand.

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