Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama: Ready to be President?

Obama May Not Return to D.C. for Bailout Vote

This is so typical of Barack Obama:  Uninvolved in the people's work, putting career above all:

Although Barack Obama argues that the financial meltdown is an “emergency situation”, he said today that he may remain on the campaign trail, rather than returning to the Capitol, to vote on the $700 billion plan.

“Look if we get a consensus and everybody is popping champagne – then I will probably be going back to campaign with folks who are having a tough time in places like Ohio, and Michigan and Pennsylvania,” Obama said adding, “If this ends up being a close vote or a vote where the outcome is an open question then obviously this is a top priority.”

In other words, Obama has no inclination to roll up his sleeves and try to craft a bill.  Either he has nothing to add (bad) or he considers his campaign the top priority (worse).  (Underline added.)

Bottom line:  This what we can expect from a Obama presidency.  We do not need that!

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