Saturday, April 10, 2010

On Repeal

Repeal! That was the immediate popular reaction to the passage of Obama's health care bill. The majority of voters, stunned by the passage of this monument to the Progressives' trampling of the Constitution and revulsed by the Democrat's callous disregard for the will of the People, reacted and are expected to vote Republicans into Congress in the 2010 elections.

But, as passion cools, an appreciation for the political realities will set in: Despite expected gains by the GOP in the Fall elections, there is likely to not be a veto-proof margin for repeal in Congress. Nor will the likelihood of partial rollback of the most egregious elements of the bill exist as long as Obama is president. But, that does not mean a GOP majority will be helpless.

Obama's health care bill, in true Wilsonian-Progressive fashion, requires a significant expansion of the Executive branch with the creation of new agencies and commissions, and the expansion of existing ones—notably, the IRS. All of this requires increased budget requests to Congress. And, therein lies Obama's vulnerability: Congress' power of the purse. A GOP majority can explicitly refuse to provide the funding.

Now, presidents have been known to move existing funds around to accomplish an objective. So, Congress will have to be on their toes as they draft the appropriations bills. And, We the People will have to be watchdogs on Obama's actions.


Ron Russell said...

You've got it right first stop the funding and later on target Obamacare for repeal---just one step at a time. Elect Republicans this fall and once the House is secured stopping funding will be an easy thing to accomplish.

hbl said...

The progessives have turned our system of government upside down. We must work to turn their schemes upside down.