Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama addresses his base

H addresses the Netroots Nation convention. Netroots—the term is intended to evoke a grassroots image—is a network of liberal/progressive partisan activists.

After an opening greeting, the video cuts away to a Rachel Maddow clip reciting the list of legislation passed that we all know about. The video concludes with H taking—as is his habit—a poke at the previous administration and exhorts his Netroots base to "keep up the fight" and to "keep holding [him] accountable."

That last bit seems to be an invitation to Netroots to create such a ruckus over some issue that he, the president, will be forced to take some action that would not otherwise be politically feasible.


Ron Russell said...

It was interesting that FOX News was the only network to cover this event---not too sure I approve. Was FOX just attempting to prove something, for the event was not news worthy.

hbl said...

I saw it only on Beck's show. It does serve to inform what the progressives are up to. I thought anything the president involves himself in is newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting that MSNBC was involved.