Monday, September 10, 2007

Iraq vis-à-vis Vietnam

It has been said that the Iraq war parallels the Vietnam war; both having been referred to as a "quagmire."

I have agreed that valid comparisons exist, but not as the war critics might suspect.

The problem with the comparisons as they have been applied is this: The emphasis has been on the situation on the ground in the theatre of operations. Equally important but almost completely ignored is the state of affairs existing concomitantly at home.

Vietnam was a difficult war both militarily and politically. Almost from the outset, Congress was at odds with the Executive over conduct of the war. In the few years centered on about 1969, Congress applied increasing pressure to end the war. At the same time, mass demonstrations against the war were being held in the streets.

Today, Congress is acting in an almost identical way they did then. A key difference is there now are no mass antiwar demonstrations; the only evidence of antiwar sentiment in the public coming from polls. The problem with polls, however, is this: If you ask a person for his opinion, he will give it to you. But, this does not necessarily indicate that same person feels strongly about the subject.

Someone said, "Warfare today will be less about bullets and bombs, and more about strength of will to prevail." That is, the will of the people as a Nation as expressed through the actions of their elected representatives is at least as important as military means.

That is where we are at with Iraq. Our adversary pays as much attention to what we say as what we do. bin Laden has already noted our quick withdrawl from Somalia as evidence this Nation does not have the strength of will necessary to prevail. Indeed, al Qaeda fighters at the time were astonished at how easy their victory came.

So, this Democratic Congress with their pusillanimous behavior can only make matters more difficult in Iraq. And, even worse, if this Democratic Congress should manage to achieve a rapid withdrawl from Iraq, as they did in Vietnam, we will face a much emboldened al Qaeda world wide. And, the Democrat's will be held accountable.

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