Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Let 'em talk

Bush Supports APEC Climate Change Pact [link]
SYDNEY, Australia - President Bush urged Pacific Rim nations Wednesday to band together on tackling global warming, saying all major polluters must be part of any solution. But finding consensus among Asian leaders at their annual summit has proven elusive.

Tackling global warming in and of itself could mean anything from the goal of adapting to the goal expressed by the Aussie foreign minister:

Developing nations need to move beyond their view that stopping global warming should chiefly fall to wealthier countries and realize that the problem is a common challenge, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said.

In the absence of any unimpeachable scientific evidence that the current warming is stoppable or is even unusual, governments mandating measures towards the unachievable or the unnecessary should be cause for concern.

So, talking is fine. If an energy conservation strategy should come out of it, fine. But, I'd be worried if they tried to do something rash like trying to "stop global warming."

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