Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stop the Insanity

Today, at 8:30PM local time, comes the so-called "Earth Hour".  By turning off all lights for an hour, you will join the liberal elite's chorus:   "You Sir and Madam are the cause of Global Climate Change.  Repent!  Sacrifice! For the good of The Earth! "

The globalists even have a  Website dedicated to Earth Hour:

More... We need the world to take action on Global Warming. And you can start here. Use Earth Connect to share your thoughts about Global Warming. In the lead up to Copenhagen, your words will be more important than ever before.
Become a part of the Earth Connect network. VOTE EARTH and help spread the word.

The reference to Copenhagen is about the UN's latest attempt to exert control over us.  It's actually a follow-up to the (justifiably) failed Kyoto Protocol.

One thing is correct:  Our voices are important.  If we stay silent and follow like sheep there is a chance a ruinous regulatory regime will be imposed on us.

So, I shall, like many others, participate in Earth Hour by turning on all lights.  It's the only way we can stop the insanity.

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