Friday, April 03, 2009

Dick Durbin votes against Illinoisans

The President's budget proposal (S.CON.RES.13) is now before the Senate.  This budget proposal includes a request to establish a cap and trade system on carbon emissions.  Such legislation would impose a ruinous regulatory regime that the Nation can ill-afford.

Senator Thune [R-SD] introduced an amendment,  S.AMDT.731, which would prohibit any cap and trade program from increasing the price of gasoline or electricity.  The amendment passed on an 89-8 vote; no thanks to Dick Durbin.

Dick Durbin [D-IL] voted to kill an amendment that would ensure Illinoisans, and the Nation, would not have to carry the onerous burden cap and trade legislation otherwise would impose.

Dick Durbin:  Whose side is he on?

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