Thursday, April 09, 2009

The insanity continues!

Obama looking at cooling air to fight warming

This is getting weirder by the day.  Obama's science advisor, John Holdren1, is advocating cooling the earth by shooting sulfur particles into the upper atmosphere.  (As if Mt. Redoubt isn't already doing that.)

Holdren says  we don't have the luxury of ruling anything out.  He talks about "tipping points" rapidly approaching that will have "really intolerable consequences":  rising seas, powerful coastal storms, drought, food shortages, and on and on. All this because of a few degrees of warming.

This certainly is crazy talk.  The earth has been much warmer in the past than today, and it was the most prolific time in terms of flora and fauna speciation.

Where on earth is the most diverse species found now?  The polar regions?   No!  The tropics.  We would be in real trouble if they tried and succeeded in cooling the climate.  Produced the nuclear winter that everyone feared only a few decades ago.

What nonsense they are speaking.  So far, it is just talk.  But we must be ready if and when the day comes that they try to put their screwy schemes into practice.

1John Holdren is a John and Teresa Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy at Harvard University. Teresa Heinz is the widow of John Heinz and wife of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA).


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