Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ABC News: Objectivity?

In the case of the main stream media, truth depends on whose ox is being gored.  One man’s vox populi is another’s organized protest.

Charles Gibson on ABC News tonight:

The House of Representatives are already back in their districts on summer recess; most holding town hall meetings to find out what’s on their voters minds.  And, what they are hearing is criticism over health care reform.  And, some of that criticism appears to be orchestrated causing the White House to push back.

The operative phrase is appears to be orchestrated.

Of course, the President, being a disciple of Saul Alinsky, knows the action is in the reaction.  Except, this time, he is doing the reacting.

I don’t know if someone took a page out of Obama’s own community organizer's manual but this has the feel of a true grass roots revolt.  It’s as if the Nation suddenly discovered Obama the President is not the same Obama the orator they elected. 

ABC News?  There is no objective reason for them to categorize these town-hall revolts as being orchestrated. But, such comments are par for the course; ABC News—NBC and CBS included—being water-carriers for the Leftist Establishment.

Update:  A poisonous attitude has spread throughout the White House.   Messages from the White House asking for addresses of fishy emails.   Citizens at town-hall meetings referred to as mobs.   This Greta Van Susteren clip explains...

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