Sunday, August 23, 2009

Still more climate change fearmongering

Beetles, wildfire: Double threat in warming world

The warmers are at it again.  Where to begin.  Bark beetles killing conifers.  Fires in the dead conifers.  Permafrost thawing. And…and, oh the CO2 emissions.   The world as we know it is ending.  Woe is us.

Or is it?

There is no evidence that the beetle infestation would not have happened anyway.  Nevertheless, why should we get wee weed  about it?  Once the firs and spruce have burned off, aspen and birch will take over.

Is that so bad?

To the warmers, it’s irrelevant because it doesn’t coincide with their world view.

And it has less to do with the environment than you might guess.

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