Sunday, March 14, 2010

Obama administration: Truth telling a rarity

Alexrod threat to GOP: 'Make my day'

It seems O and his men will say anything, do anything in pushing their agenda:
"… If this bill passes, this year, children with pre-existing conditions will now be covered. There will be an end to lifetime caps and annual caps on what the insurance companies will cover, so if you get sick you won't go broke, if you get sick they won't throw you off your insurance. The doughnut hole will be filled in, so senior citizens will save hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs. The life of Medicare will be extended, and on and on and on."
Now, the truth:
There are holes galore in Axelrod's statement. The Senate health care bill, for example, does not eliminate the insurance coverage caps as Axelrod claims. Bans on discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions have been scaled back. And experts agree that taking money out of Medicare, as the bill does, would not extend the life of Medicare if that money is used to pay for the new health care entitlement instead of shoring up Medicare.
I guess the plan is to disregard the truth and say anything because lies repeated often enough tend gain the aura of truth.

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