Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The President on Fox News

The President's interview with Fox News is on TV now. I am not bothering to watch. Why? Because that man, Mr. Obama, will say things without regard to the truth. He will say anything, do anything to further the Progressive goal: Complete control of health care in this country. Something Theodore Roosevelt first proposed and no president before him has accomplished. Not Woodrow Wilson, not FDR, not LBJ. And, he will have the prize no matter the consequences for those in Congress who must vote on it. Even less for those of us that must live under it.

The Obama interview: Peh.


Ron Russell said...

I watched the interview and it went about as expected, with Obama spouting the usual talking points, actually nothing new--just the lies and half-truths we have come accustomed too. You didn't miss anything. Obamacare will probably pass, but many challenges face it down the road.

eLarson said...

With Obama and people like him, it is all about ignoring the words and minding the actions.