Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's not the prison walls...

Well, it finally happened. The terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are going to a prison at Thomson, Illinois. In the words of Rep. Donald Manzullo (IL-16), "Gitmo is not being closed. They're just moving it..."

A lot has been said about how no one has ever escaped from a supermax prison such as Thomson will be. But, that's not even an issue. I believe these terrorists are not going to be able to tunnel out.

The real issue is, by moving these guys to the mainland, their custody moves from the military to the purview of the civilian courts. And, I am not sure our court system is able to deal with the situation.

So, rather than finding a way to break out, some of these terrorists may be invited to walk out through the front gate.


Ron Russell said...

You have that totally correct. Our judical system is not set up for this. The other day while making my daily blog rounds I saw a video of a beheading of a rapist and thought thats extreme justice, sadly we are on the other end of the justice system. There are extremes at both ends and we need to find that middle ground again that we once had in this country. Like you I doubt these guys will escape, but just think of the millions being spent to bring that Ill. prison up to snuff and one other factor that must be considered here is that these people will be allowed visitors who may just decide to take revenge on those citizens of that peaceful town of Thomson, Illinois. The good folks there will have to keep their eyes open.

hbl said...

Good point. Inmates are now being radicalized in our prisons. Now, they can be radicalized in the visitor's area, too.