Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SA. 2837 to SA 2786 to H.R. 3590 Healthcare

At the request of Sen. Coburn, Sen. Sanders' amendment 2837 is being read aloud on the Senate floor.

By my count, Sander's amendment has 366 pages. The reading began around 17:00GMT. At 18:37GMT, the clerk has reached page 46.

There is a plum in the amendment to Section 1304 concerning community organizations:
(B) ASSISTANCE.--Each State Health Security Advisory Council shall provide assistance and technical support to community organizations and public and private non-profit agencies submitting applications for funding under appropriate State and Federal public health programs, with particular emphasis placed on assisting those applicants with broad consumer representation.
Check the last clause. Can you spell ACORN?

I suspect Sen. Sanders did not wish for this reading to happen.

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eLarson said...

I'm sad to report that presiding over the Senate when the bill was allowed to be pulled during the reading was Maryland's rookie Senator Ben Cardin.