Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Consumer Union's Political Activism

The following is an example of a Consumer Union issue advocacy email in favor of O's healthcare legislation. It seems the CU, like AARP, has become an advocate for the Progressive agenda.

Dear Howard,

This morning things look dire for health reform. But we've come too far to let partisan politics get in the way of reforms that will significantly lower the cost of health coverage for millions of Americans. We will be putting everything we have into the final weeks of this battle, and we want you to join us in Washington for it's historic denouement.

We're going to win this. And when we do, we want you with us, walking the halls of Congress at a truly historic moment in our nation’s history.
Join us for Consumers Union’s Activist Summit in Washington in just three weeks and be there in person for our final push to get affordable health care for all Americans!

Click here to learn about Consumers Union’s Feb. 9-11 activist summit and to register.

Think you can’t possibly make a difference? Consider people like Cindy Shawcross from Fargo, N.D., who we met in 2008 while traveling the country collecting health care stories. Cindy, who had no experience in activism, came to our summit later that year, where she learned tools and skills on lobbying and organizing, as well as blogging, media relations and community outreach.

Today, Cindy is one of our top consumer voices in the halls of Congress on health reform – meeting several times with her Senators and Representatives, getting covered in national media including USA Today, writing her own blog, and serving as a leader in her community.

Our summit is designed to give regular people the tools to make a difference at the city, state or national level – securing more affordable health care, getting dangerous products off store shelves, ending rip-offs by the giant banks and phone companies.

This year’s summit coincides with the final countdown on national health reform! Part of the summit will include you lobbying Congress to pass the best bill possible!

Learn more about the Feb. 9-11 summit here, and how you can join us in Washington!

Please take a moment to look through what’s offered at this year’s activist summit. Or if you have question, please email me, Morgan Jindrich, directly at jindmo at

We look forward to having you be part of our final health care push!

Morgan Jindrich
Consumers Union
506 W. 14th Street
Austin, TX 78701

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