Monday, January 11, 2010

On the current state of affairs

But in a representative republic … where the legislative power is exercised by an assembly, which is inspired by a supposed influence over the people with an intrepid confidence in its own strength; which is sufficiently numerous to feel all the passions which actuate a multitude, yet not so numerous as to be incapable of pursuing the objects of its passions by means which reason prescribes; it is against the enterprising ambition of this department that the people ought to indulge all their jealousy and exhaust all their precautions.
~The Federalist Number XLVIII

Madison was warning against repeating the excesses of the state legislative bodies during the Confederation era as justification for the present Federal arrangement.

But, the Pelosi Congress, albeit with their Progressive agenda in lieu of Madison's populist fervor igniting their passions, has demonstrated how this department can still kick over the traces threatening to lead the country down a path to fiscal ruin.

And, what of the Reid Senate, that supposed temperate and respectable body of citizens that is to provide the check until reason, justice, and truth can regain their authority? Instead, we have a body similarly inflamed by Progressive idealogy that is barely a speed bump on the road to ruin.

And, must we even mention the Chief Executive has thrown in with them both?

So, what recourse do we have when the Executive and both Houses are in cahoots?

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