Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the Progressive agenda--education

From Croly's discussion in Chapter XIII on how education applies to furtherance of the Progressive cause:
The individual can do much to aid national education by the single-minded and intelligent realization of his own specific purposes; but all individual successes will have little more than an individual interest unless they frequently contribute to the work of national construction. The nation can do much to aid individual education; but the best aid within its power is to offer to the individual a really formative and inspiring opportunity for public service.
O's USAservice.org TV ad fits right in.


Ron Russell said...

National education (NEA), the purpose to establish one and only one large school system where local norms and values are trashed or put aside and replaced with the single voice of a new order---progressivism.

hbl said...

Formal education is only the first step. It educates the individual. But, until he joins up with a common cause, his education will be limited and of no effect as far as the common cause is concerned. That's where O's USAservice.org enters the picture.

O, as the front-man for the Progressives, is asking our young people to enter national service. To what end? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

hbl said...

Can you spell Nationalen Jugend Korps?