Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eliot Spitzer v. The Seneca Nation

Spitzer, Senecas meet face-to-face

This situation bears watching.

The Seneca Nation have treaty rights going back to the establishment of the U.S. But, Native Americans have always been at a disadvantage in dealing with the Federal Government.

An example are difficulties having to do with two New York State highways passing through Seneca territory:

The Senecas got Spitzer’s attention last month by disavowing the 1954 Thruway easement through the Cattaraugus Territory south of Buffalo and their later plans to void the 1976 Southern Tier Expressway easement through their Allegany Territory near Salamanca.

The issue is New York State's failure to follow through on compensation promised to the Seneca as part of the highway easement deal.

Now, Spitzer wants to tax sales of gasoline and tobacco made in Seneca territory despite the Treaty of 1842 exempting the Seneca from taxation.

Why is this happening? It's happening simply because merchants outside the Territory are complaining they can't compete.

Is this a good reason for overturning a Treaty? I don't think so. This bears watching.

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