Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Polls and The War

Bush believes public wants success in Iraq

The Leftist media has constantly used polls to argue most Americans want us to leave Iraq:

In fact, polls show Americans do not disagree [that the war is going badly], and that leaving — not winning — is their main goal.
In one released Friday by CBS and the New York Times, 63 percent supported a troop withdrawal timetable of sometime next year. Another earlier this month from USA Today and Gallup found 59 percent backing a withdrawal deadline that the U.S. should stick to no matter what's happening in Iraq.

A comment attributed to English politician Disraeli seems appropriate here: "There are lies, damnable lies, and statistics." The White House aides have it right:

Bush aides say poll questions are asked so many ways, and often so imprecisely, that it is impossible to conclude that most Americans really want to get out.

Precisely. The statistics are useless unless the questionnaire is opened up to scrutiny. But, that fact doesn't deter the Leftist media from trotting them out at every opportunity. To paraphrase Scottish author Andrew Lang: "[They] use statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts—for support rather than illumination."

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