Friday, May 18, 2007

Harry Reid—Gone 'round the bend?

White House Rejects War Bill Concession

The House and Senate representatives went up to the White House today where the Democrats made this really swell offer:

In a closed-door meeting with Bush's top aides on Capitol Hill, Democrats said they'd strip billions of dollars in domestic spending out of a war spending [bill] that Bush opposed if the president would accept a timetable to pull combat troops out of Iraq. As part of the deal, Democrats said they would allow the president to waive compliance with a deadline for troop withdrawals.

So, the Democrats loaded up the war spending bill with unrelated spending then offered to back it out if the President would do the one thing he wouldn't do under any circumstances. Clearly, the Democrats have totally lost their minds.

Then Harry Reid comes away with this comment:

"To say I was disappointed in the meeting is an understatement," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "I really did expect that the president would accept some accountability for what we're trying to accomplish here."

Accept accountablility? For what? To join in with the insanity the Democrats are perpetrating on the Nation? The mind boggles.

Stop and think what you are doing, Harry. Because, the voters will surely hold you accountable.

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