Sunday, October 26, 2008

McCain: What did we do to deserve him?

Answer: Nothing! There were at least a few good candidates in the primaries. But, the conservative shouting heads undermined them all. I thought Mitt Romney was a good candidate. Someone that could win. But the Voices of Conservative Radio whined and complained about this or that. They did it to every candidate until the only one left standing was McCain. And the only thing he offered was: "I am not George Bush."

I've tried and tried to justify voting for McCain. I have watched him during the debates. But, all he did was knock Obama's vision; he didn't express any of his own. He mocked Obama's 'eloquence' but didn't provide any of his own. He fumbled around as they were leaving the set of the last debate.

And, that's not the end of it. The news clips: He makes a serious statement about something of national import then smirks when he gets a round of applause. That tells me he is merely playing to the crowd rather than enunciating a heartfelt principle.

I have come to the conclusion that John McCain, outside of a few generalities, does not have a vision for how he would lead the country. He certainly has not expressed it in any clear fashion. Worse, his bumbling leads me to believe he does not have the mental acuity to be President. Added to that, his undercutting of campaign staff leads me to believe he is too stubborn to accept advice.

So, for the first time I will vote for a Democrat for President.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Dancing (?) With the Stars

Is anyone else watching this parody of dancing? I threw in the towel with the pair that danced the 'Viennese' waltz. The music played on this show was never appropriate for the dance step. Let alone the tempo not being strict time. But, a ballad for a Viennese waltz? Gimme a break!

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