Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

President fires IGs. Questions remain

Obama promised his administration would be open and transparent.  Yet, he has fired three Inspectors General; the very people that are the facilitators of openness.

Especially troubling is the dismissal of Gerald Walpin, Inspector General for the CNSC; a part of which is AmeriCorps.  AmeriCorps has links to ACORN;  the latter being affiliated with Obama.

So, what's going on here?  Why are IGs—the very bane of people with something to hide—being fired?  Is the President showing us how business is done in Chicago?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An example of Obama's puffery

And a rebuke

The President (and his spokesman, Gibbs) have become fond of this counter argument:

I think we've had a debate about individual policies.  We had that [Guantanamo] debate in particular -- we kept score last November and we won.

Such puffery.  What Gibbs and the President aren't taking into account is who they ran against.

The GOP had an excellent field of candidates.  But, by the time of the election, the 'conservative' shouting heads managed to decimate the GOP ranks until there was only one left standing.  And, not much of a choice at that.

Had it not been for Limbaugh, Robertson, Hannity, et al,  Gibbs—along with the President—would not have that podium today.

Friday, June 12, 2009

UN? Tough? It is to laugh

UN imposes tough new sanctions on NKorea

UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council imposed punishing new sanctions on North Korea Friday, toughening an arms embargo and authorizing ship searches on the high seas...

Authorized ship searches?!  What a joke.  The resolution is more like 'Captain, may I?'

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, who shepherded the resolution through two weeks of complex and sometimes difficult negotiations, told reporters in Washington that the administration was "very pleased" with the council's "unprecedented" and "innovative" action.

Says a lot about the current administration, doesn't it?

The UN is a joke in itself.  Why anyone pays attention is beyond comprehension.  NK's Dear Leader certainly is not.

More climate change propaganda

Reindeer & Caribou Populations Plunge

More alarmist propaganda intended to scare people into accepting the bogus IPCC report's gloom and doom scenarios.

"Reindeer and caribou numbers worldwide have plunged nearly 60 percent in the last three decades...", the article breathlessly proclaims.

Then comes this admission:

Exact numbers for the creatures are not known, because not enough study has been done. But for those populations that have been studies [sic], the average decline in numbers is 57 percent.

In other words, "Not enough studies have been done so we will extrapolate a limited sample."  Yeah, right.

This sounds a lot like the largely discredited report that based their claims—that the entire Antarctic continent was warming—on extrapolation of limited and faulty temperature data.

And, as we know, the results from extending a data set beyond it's endpoints is iffy at best and may be dead wrong.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Kofi Annan: Feckless still

Climate change is already killing 300,000 a year, report claims

Annan's group released a report pointing to the problems a segment of the world's population has in eking out a decent life.

“As this report shows, the first hit and worst affected are the world’s poorest groups, and yet they have done least to cause the problem.”

Ah, yes.   The gratuitous laying on of the guilt trip.

So, what are the big three problems facing these distressed populations?  They are malnutrition, malaria and dysentery.  Problems that have been around for a long time.

What is Annan's recommended solution?  You probably guessed it:

“Copenhagen needs to be the most ambitious international agreement ever reached,” he said. “As this report shows, the alternative is greater risk of starvation, migration and sickness on a massive scale.”

What nonsense.  What happened to the idea of facing the three plagues directly?  How about working to change the local political and cultural conditions that are at the root of these problems?  Conditions that have long thwarted the best efforts of aid organizations.

Nah, that would be too much like work.  They would rather gather the Club together in some posh surroundings and emit a lot of CO2-laden hot air whilst sipping a fine chardonnay.

Kofi Annan?  Feckless still.

Commonsense from the UN

UN report: Nature best controls climate gases

Who could have predicted?  This report has good ideas; unusual for a UN document:

The report said better management of forests, more careful agricultural practices and the restoration of peatlands could soak up significant amounts of carbon dioxide, the most common of the gases blamed for global warming.

Global warming aside, such measures are sure to mitigate a number of ills plaguing man:  Desertification due to deforestation and famine due to low crop yields to name two.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

You are simply another form of ape

So says those forever questing after the 'missing link.'

According to the article, tickling a primate will, as it does in humans, evoke laughter; or,at least, something akin to the human equivalent.

The 'experts' did as they are wont to do in these situations and released a statement of glowing praise:

Experts praised the work. It gives very strong evidence that ape and human laughter are related through evolution...

Well, dogs smile.  Humans smile.  I wonder what the 'experts' make of that.

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