Friday, December 22, 2017

Problems problems: My Android Internet Radio

Okay, this blog's formatting has gotten a bit ragged since I last posted. I will need to put some work into it.

My current issue is a beef I have with Google/Android. I recently purchased a Sungale Internet Radio. Note the last word: Radio. The Sungale device has been described as an Android phone device without the phone. But, it is a radio. That is it's purpose. So, why is Google Play persistently downloading video games? More to the point, why does Google Play feel their download is so important that it can interrupt your streaming music source with it's latest game download? I pity the people that own an Android smart phone.

And, what about this little virus Apparently it is also the source of many unwanted downloads. You can delete it but it pops up again. But, no-one seems to know who is the source or how to eliminate it from your device once and for all. I am calling for Google to step up and acknowledging the existence of this problem and providing a fix.

Anyone else having problems with their Android device?