Saturday, January 27, 2018

Problems Problems: My Android Internet Radio Part III

It is possible the problems with annoying downloads are behind us. To recap, the Internet radio was receiving a barrage of downloads that interfered with audio streams. After installing the Norton Mobile Security app, actual installations were blocked but the downloads were still a problem. Eventually, Norton gave a list of apps to disable; one of which was an app titled "phone." After disabling this app the download activity immediately quieted down. I believe this one app was key.

There was another app, titled, that Norton flagged as malware but was impossible to be rid of permanently. This particular app seemed to be associated with Alibaba Express which was downloaded shortly after the former installed itself. The solution for this is to allow Alibaba Express to install then remove to save storage space. The Alibaba app has been relatively benign so far and has not reinstalled itself.

There is a final issue of storage space: there isn't a whole lot of it available and there eventually may not be enough available to do updates. The solution being used so far is to delete the Alibaba app (and the Amazon app if present) to allow updates to happen. Afterwards will reinstall followed by the Alibaba app whereupon I will simply delete and move on.

The End (?)

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Problems Problems: My Android Internet Radio Part II

As reported previously, Google Play seems to think my Sungale Internet Radio is a game machine. And, it has been busily downloading unneeded and unwanted games to my radio. Well, it seems it (Google Play) has outdone itself. I began seeing notifications that Unfortunately has stopped. So far, so good. I am no longer having my radio programs being interrupted by the latest (did I mention unwanted?) game starting up.

Then the notification Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped. appeared. Not so good. Apparently Google Play used up all the available memory and had insufficient elbow room to operate. The solution was to go to Settings/apps and uninstall one of the unneeded and unwanted games. Voila! My radio will play uninterrupted.

I expect new games will once again be downloaded and the cycle will repeat. What I don't understand is why Google allows this situation to exist.