Sunday, November 21, 2010

But, what about Social Security and Medicare?

Will Republicans Get Serious on Spending?

Senator McConnell, in a speech before the Federalist Society, said,
"Americans want less government, less spending and less debt."
"We will vote to freeze and cut discretionary spending."

Author Chapman noted that McConnell made no mention of the non-discretionary spending items: social security, medicare, medicaid and defense.

Okay, but those non-discretionary items can't be reformed with simple cuts or freezes. The first three must be totally restructured. And, defense must be put "on budget."

The problem with social security and medicare, at least, is Congress spent all the payroll deductions on general budget items rather than build up a capital reserve to fund the program in the future. This must be changed.

Exactly how this is to be done and to explain it is beyond the scope of a speech. But, it certainly is not beyond the scope of We the People nudging our Congressmen to work on the problem.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GOP Leaders snub Obama

McConnell: "Our first goal is to reverse the damage that's been done."

The article opens by saying Sen. McConnell and Speaker-elect Boehner were too busy to meet with the President today but not too busy to speak to the Federalist Society. If that is a snub to the President, the President earned it. There is no point to meeting with Obama because, as has been amply demonstrated in past meetings, he has no interest in listening much less in learning something.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The new alarmist meme: Biodiversity replaces AGW

EPA tells states to consider rising ocean acidity

The New World Order activists, having failed to capitalize on AGW to destroy our economy, have changed tactics. Now it's CO2 acidification of coastal waters and how it affects "biodiversity." The aim is the same: Drag down the US economy by using acidification of inland and coastal waters to elevate CO2 as a gas needing control thereby justifying imposition of CO2 controls. The push to pass cap-and-trade legislation is not dead!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's time to take a stand

This is the delta smelt.  This little fish is the reason O's administration is choking off agriculture in the Central Valley.  The EPA is issuing draconian measures in the name of this and similar critters in many areas of the country.  It's time for Americans to take a stand.  Will it be delta smelt or will it be human beings.