Monday, October 31, 2011

Yeah, right.

Marxist Prof. to Protesters: Violence Only Avoidable if ‘1% Accept the Decisions of the 99%’

Q: What do you call the 1%?

A: Employers.

Obama's anti-American regime

Killing Energy, Killing Jobs, Killing America

America has been under attack since Barack Obama took the oath of office on January 20, 2009. The primary target has been the nation’s ability to generate energy for electricity and transportation, without which this nation will slide into Third World status and economic decline. This appears to be the goal of this administration from the President to his Secretaries of Energy and Interior, to his Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. There is no other rational explanation for what they are doing.
Yet another reason Obama must be voted out of office. At this point, we all have in mind who we would like to see on the Republican ticket. But, at bottom, we should be selecting the most conservative candidate who can Win.

Dirty Tricks?

Mark Block: 'Herman Cain Never Sexually Harassed Anybody'

“First of all, Herman Cain never sexually harassed anybody,” Block said. “Period. End of story.” Block said the only people who spoke publicly in the article are the ones who were in the best position to know and that every negative story regarding Cain has been attributed to unnamed, anonymous sources.
Sounds like dirty tricks to me.