Thursday, April 19, 2007

His CO is the jerk

Bush Pushes His Version of Iraq War Bill [link]
Outside the school, Julia Goodman, 40, of Riverside, was among five protesters. She said her family was told Wednesday that her nephew's Humvee had been hit by an explosive device in Iraq. "He's lost his hearing," she said. "This is the fourth time he's been injured over there and has yet to get a Purple Heart," Goodman said. "That's one reason why I'm really angry about this whole thing going on. These boys are over there and fighting and they're not getting any recognition for what they're going."

Don't blame the President. Your son's CO is the jerk.

Besides, not getting a Purple Heart medal is no big deal. My little brother didn't care though he carries NVA shrapnel in his leg to this day.

If this really bothers you, do something real. Take it up with your Senator and your Representative.

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