Friday, June 08, 2007

Bull roar from CoE investigator

Investigator: CIA Ran Secret Prisons

So, the Council of Europe tasked a Swiss Senator, Dick Marty, to investigate alleged secret prisons allegedly run by the CIA allegedly in Poland and Romania. Here is what Marty is saying:

"While it is likely that very few people in the countries concerned, including in the governments themselves, knew of the existence of the centers, we have sufficient grounds to declare that the highest state authorities were aware of the CIA's illegal activities on their territories," it [Marty's report] said.
"The secret detention facilities in Europe were run directly and exclusively by the CIA," it said.

That's nice. What is the basis for these charges?

Marty did not identify his sources, saying they were people "who had worked or still worked for the relevant authorities, in particular intelligence agencies."

Oh, well then, where were the prisons located?

The report did not name or locate the prisons where the abuses allegedly occured. It said testimony came from former or current detainees, human rights advocates, or people who worked in setting up or operating CIA secret prisons.

Well, Herr Marty, it seems to me you are asking the CoE and the rest of the world to take you at your word. Nice try but that just doesn't wash. May I suggest you return to Switzerland and mind your Senate business.

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