Friday, February 08, 2008

Sean Hannity: Repent!

When Laura Ingraham introduced Mitt Romney yesterday at CPAC, she took a swipe at John McCain and his 'I signed up as a Reagan foot soldier' plea, characterizing it as inadequate: "What have you done for conservatives lately"?

Now, I am going to take a swipe at conservative talking head Sean Hannity and his plea, "I have well thought-out principles I have held for twenty years. Am I supposed to just push them aside"? To which I ask, "After seeing the Republican candidates for President, are your "principles" more important than winning the Presidency? What have you done for conservatives this year"?

It astounds me that conservatives like Hannity could not fall in behind Romney early on. Now, they have McCain as the nominee. And, now is the time for he and other "principled" talking heads to repent and adopt a more pragmatic approach going forward to the general election.

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