Thursday, May 28, 2009

More scare tactics ahead of COP15

Climate health costs: bug-borne ills, killer heat

Tree munching beetles, malaria carrying mosquitoes, killer heat; the article is a veritable description of apocalypse.  The only thing missing was an outright invocation of the Four Horsemen.

This article is an exaggeration of conditions mankind is already living with and successfully mitigating the worst effects of.

Warnings of killer heat waves fly in the face of the fact that cold weather routinely kills more people than heat and that it is easier to adapt to heat than cold.  And, it totally ignores the fact that speciation of flora and fauna is richer in hot climates than cold.

It is not hard to conclude all this media hype is designed to move public opinion to accept the regulations that will come out of domestic legislation (e.g., H. R. 2454) and COP15.

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