Friday, June 12, 2009

More climate change propaganda

Reindeer & Caribou Populations Plunge

More alarmist propaganda intended to scare people into accepting the bogus IPCC report's gloom and doom scenarios.

"Reindeer and caribou numbers worldwide have plunged nearly 60 percent in the last three decades...", the article breathlessly proclaims.

Then comes this admission:

Exact numbers for the creatures are not known, because not enough study has been done. But for those populations that have been studies [sic], the average decline in numbers is 57 percent.

In other words, "Not enough studies have been done so we will extrapolate a limited sample."  Yeah, right.

This sounds a lot like the largely discredited report that based their claims—that the entire Antarctic continent was warming—on extrapolation of limited and faulty temperature data.

And, as we know, the results from extending a data set beyond it's endpoints is iffy at best and may be dead wrong.

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