Monday, July 27, 2009

Climate Change: A Sensible Response

Bangladesh plans to fight climate change

Bangladesh is a low-lying country prone to flooding during typhoons. If sea levels rise, this problem is expected to be exacerbated.

So, what is the Bangladeshi government doing about it?  Instituting carbon cap and trade regimes?  Imposing tariffs on imports from “carbon polluters?”

Not a chance.  Their government has budgeted a large sum to adapt:

The money would be spent on building and raising embankments and roads, constructing thousands of shelters, dredging major rivers, planting trees along the coastal belts and reclaiming land from the sea," [Environment minister Mustafizur Rahman] said.

This is an entirely sensible response to a potential global warming era.  And, the money will not have been wasted if the unlikely scenarios the UN IPCC scaremongers have propagated never come to pass.

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