Sunday, August 09, 2009

This is getting tiresome

Vast expanses of Arctic ice melt in summer heat

Once again the global-warming fearmongers are at work.  This time it’s about the unusual melt of the Arctic ice:

Global average temperatures rose 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.6 degree Celsius) in the past century, but Arctic temperatures rose twice as much or even faster, almost certainly in good part because of manmade greenhouse gases, researchers say.

Yeah.  Right.

The northwest passage through the Arctic has been ice-free three times during the twentieth century:  1903—1905, 1940—1942 and 1944; well before the period claimed to have had an upswing in manmade greenhouse gas emissions.

As anyone whose been paying attention knows, this year’s Arctic warming was due to an unusual static configuration of the jet stream which funneled tropical heat along the west continental coast all the way to the Arctic.

Ice cap melt caused by human activities?  Humbug!

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