Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama as Public Scold

Well, our President, on occasion of the long-delayed release of his 'long form' birth certificate, in a fit of pique called a press conference to deliver the Nation a scolding for being distracted by the absence of said document.

Our Lecturer-in-Chief was bemused by the lack of attention paid to his Budget Proposal; the Public preferring instead to dwell on his birthplace!

Of course, the President was wrong on that point:  his budget proposal was reported, and was roundly criticized and dismissed as not serious.

The best part of the press conference was its length:  short.


Right Truth said...

This certificate of live birth doesn't look much different from the first one. I still have my doubts. But as many say, he is evil and destroying America with his policies. For that reason alone he needs to go.

Right Truth

hbl said...

That's right. The birth certificate was a sideshow. The main event is the fact that Obama is a committed Progressive. His belief system echos Croly and Wilson. And, that is the reason he must go. We need to keep beating that drum from now through the election.

Anonymous said...

He could have released this at any time I don't think it is coincidence that it was the same day the Fed had it's big press conference.


President O-bla-bla is a dedicated
George Soros/Andrew Stern Puppet with a New World Order Agenda.

The Intelligence data scooped up by those fine Navy Seals on May 1st will prove to be a solid gold vein, proving that Pakistan is a nest of thieves, and a growing Jihadi threat, but we desperately need new leadership in Washington D.C.

Time is of the essence.

___ ___

WomanHonorThyself said...

The best part of the press conference was its length: short. ..exactly right my friend!!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hope alls well!

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