Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's over


Allen West has conceded the election to Democrat Murphy.  But, it seems to me, it was more the idea that the recount was such a fiasco West simply gave up rather than the recount showed who really won. 
Then there is Gertrude Walker, the 32-year-veteran election supervisor of St. Lucie County, who has spent much of the last two weeks explaining why her office completely botched the count.  She admitted that her office had acted in “haste” in issuing election results, and that “mistakes were made.”  Among her mistakes was failing to count 40 of the 94 precincts under her jurisdiction on Election Night — and then counting the other 54 twice.  Indeed.  On Friday, her office announced it had “discovered” 304 additional early votes left in a box.  None had been counted.