Sunday, August 12, 2007

ABA committees off their paper

ABA Criticizes Bush Terror Policies [link]

Two Bar Association committees are calling for the overturning of an executive order on the treatment of prisoners by the CIA:

SAN FRANCISCO - President Bush's recent order on CIA interrogations of terror suspects should be overturned because it still allows harsh treatment in violation of international treaties, two American Bar Association committees say.

According to the ABA committees, the order

… leaves undefined what methods are acceptable.

Others have analyzed this gap and have concluded including a list of proscribed methods would still be open to criticism because it would allow for individuals looking for a loophole. In addition, a list of prescribed methods would allow our adversary to train against it:

National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell has said revealing what techniques are allowed would help people who might be subjected to them.

The ABA committees also maintain the position that

The CIA should follow the same rigorous standards adopted by the military that are intended, in part, to ensure that captured U.S. soldiers are extended the same protections…

This criticism fails because it does not recognize the fact that our al Qaeda adversary does not share the same sensibilities.

My opinion: The ABA should keep their fuzzy-headed group-think to themselves and go find something useful to do.

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