Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Idle minds at work

Group Launches Plan to Save 189 Birds [link]

By "189 birds" I suppose the headline writer meant 189 species of birds.

Oh, well. Here is the bottom line:

U.K.-based BirdLife International is calling on environmental groups, corporations and individuals to contribute the $37.8 million needed for what it is dubbing the Species Champions initiative.

According to their press blurb they have a plan to

…raise tens of millions of dollars to save 189 endangered birds over the next five years by protecting their habitat and raising public awareness about their plight.

Millions. To protect habitat. And raise public awareness.

Do you believe that? With all that money, what are they going to do? Chain themselves to caraiba trees in the Brasilian interior to save the Restinga Antwren? Or junipers in the tiny forest ForĂȘt du Day in Djibouti to save the Djibouti Francolin?

I don't think so.

But, can you see a bunch of elitists flocking together near the U.N. issuing press releases, with a paycheck certain for several years?

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