Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Iraq's complexity too much for Shepard Smith

On listening to Shepard Smith on Fox' Studio B, I am struck by how he wants to frame the current discussion on Iraq in stark contrasts.

Twice, on opening an interview with a Senator, he prefaced the questions with: "Can we start by assuming we are on the side of the Sunnis and Iran is on the side of the Shias?" Of course, his interviewees had a much firmer grasp of the complexities of Iraq and the worldwide terrorism in general to go along with the suggestion.

Somehow, that seems to me to be perfectly on character for Shepard. I am a fan of Fox News, but his show seems louder and tends to be more sensational than the rest of Fox' lineup. As a result, nuanced subject matter simply doesn't fit well within his format. And, perhaps, not within his mindset.

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