Sunday, September 30, 2007

Senate tomfoolery

U.S. Embassy Condemns Iraq Division Plan [link]
The unusual U.S. Embassy statement came just hours after representatives of Iraq's major political parties denounced the U.S. Senate proposal calling for a limited centralized government with the bulk of the power given to the country's Shiite, Sunni or Kurdish regions, saying it would seriously hamper Iraq's future stability.

The Embassy's statement came on the heels of further Senate meddling in foreign policy. The Embassy, as well as Iraqi officials, were reacting to this resolution calling for the partition of Iraq:

(b) Sense of Congress.--It is the sense of Congress that-- (1) the United States should actively support a political settlement among Iraq's major factions based upon the provisions of the Constitution of Iraq that create a federal system of government and allow for the creation of federal regions; (2) the active support referred to in paragraph (1) should include-- (A) calling on the international community, including countries with troops in Iraq, the permanent 5 members of the United Nations Security Council, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Iraq's neighbors-- (i) to support an Iraqi political settlement based on federalism; (ii) to acknowledge the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq; and (iii) to fulfill commitments for the urgent delivery of significant assistance and debt relief to Iraq, especially those made by the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council; (B) further calling on Iraq's neighbors to pledge not to intervene in or destabilize Iraq and to agree to related verification mechanisms; and (C) convening a conference for Iraqis to reach an agreement on a comprehensive political settlement based on the creation of federal regions within a united Iraq; (3) the United States should urge the Government of Iraq to quickly agree upon and implement a law providing for the equitable distribution of oil revenues, which is a critical component of a comprehensive political settlement based upon federalism; and (4) the steps described in paragraphs (1), (2), and (3) could lead to an Iraq that is stable, not a haven for terrorists, and not a threat to its neighbors.

It seems to me Congress has better things to do (e.g., pass a national budget) than continuing to waste time trying to undercut the President on Iraq.

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