Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicago Theatre of Absurd

Chicago gun ban on way out, but mayor vows fight

     CHICAGO – A Supreme Court ruling finding that Americans have the right to bear arms anywhere they live almost certainly means the end of Chicago’s decades-old handgun ban, but it might not make handgun ownership in Chicago much easier if the city’s powerful mayor has his way.
     Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said officials already were at work rewriting the city ordinance to adhere to the court ruling while protecting Chicago residents from gun violence.

-Wire reports

The Supreme Court held in McDonald v. Chicago that the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process clause incorporates the Second Amendment against state and local governments thus striking down Chicago's handgun ban. But, the Mayor is determined to find a way around the ruling and deny the citizens of Chicago their Second Amendment protections all in the name of protecting the Chicago residents from gun violence.

This is absurd on its face. Despite Daly's handgun ban, gun violence in Chicago has never been higher. There have been weeks when Baghdad had fewer deaths due to violence. Indeed, a recent press conference by the Chicago Chief of Police, Jody Weis, was interrupted by a gang shoot-out less than a block away.

So, if Chicago had the most stringent handgun law in the nation, why is gun violence so high? The Mayor should stop and think about that question. It certainly isn't because law-abiding citizens have the guns.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. We can see a similar trend in areas with high gun control throughout the nation. What alarms me is that the decision was so close. 5-4