Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dense does as dense is

UN climate chief quits, leaves talks hanging

Evidently, common sense will prevail given enough time!  de Boer now recognizes the lack of science underlying the global warming hype.
Exhausted and frustrated by unrelenting bickering between rich and poor countries, Yvo de Boer said he will step down July 1 to work in business and academia.
Never mind. He's quitting for all the wrong reasons.  Rather he is retreating to academia where he will mislead the next generation.


Ron Russell said...

Things are falling apart for the global warmist. I just recently read a new report that claims the ocean levels are actually dropping. Ice age coming??? Who really know--the answer is simple, No one!!

hbl said...

Ice age coming? Maybe. The last I checked, the new sunspot cycle has not yet begun. That is the type of thing that triggered the little ice age that began in the seventeenth century and persisted well into the nineteenth.

But,in this case, I suspect they merely discovered the old sea level data was fabricated.