Thursday, February 25, 2010

First impression

On the healthcare summit:  Watching O's body language during Senator Lamar Alexander's opening statement, it wasn't hard to notice how Obama kept his chin up high.  This is the same pose Muammar al-Khdafi maintained in public.

Then, when Senator Alexander segued into a review of this nation's founding principles, O put his head in his hands as though he was just so put off.  And, he probably was as,  being a Progressive,  he considers the Constitution a museum piece of no importance for today.  And, he may have had the off-putting thought of him arguing against the founding principles;  something Progressives try to keep out of public view.

Then there were the statements by Pelosi and Reid.  Both tried the ploy of holding up the plight of some poor person in their district as though the whole nation is in the same fix.  Of course, it never occurred to either of them that these hardship cases are easily remedied through a means-tested voucher system at far less cost than the monstrosity they are proposing to inflict on the country.

Or,  maybe the thought did cross their minds but they chose to ignore it.

And,  as players holding weak hands are wont to do,  Reid included a personal shot at Senator Alexander.

The summit has concluded with the President conceding the Republicans made a few good points.  So now the onus is on the Democrat leaders to sit down with the other side and negotiate in good faith.  Let's see if Reid and The Nancy are up to the task.


Ron Russell said...

A fair account of today's summit. Obama was indeed his usual self reminding everyone at one point that he was the president---arrogrance he simply can't control.

The only way I can envision any compromise on the part of the Democrats is that point they realize they don't have the votes in the House or Senate to use the nuclear option.

hbl said...

O conceded the GOP had a few good points. So, the onus is on the Speaker and the Senate majority leader to negotiate in good faith. And, I indicated the same to our senator, Durbin.