Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 'healthcare' summit

There are rumors that the format for the February 25 healthcare summit will be the same question-and-answer format of the House Issues Conference in Baltimore.

O certainly is partial to that format because it allows him to monopolize the microphone as he did in Baltimore.

And, the Republicans would be foolish to accept a question-and-answer format. Rather, they should insist the format allow for formal presentations from both sides.

Refusal on the part of the President to adopt formal presentations would indicate O is not serious about an exchange of ideas over healthcare legislation.


Ron Russell said...

I agree, and think the format for such a meeting needs to be changed from that in Baltimore, but I doubt the administration will be open to that. Don't give this bozo a chance to weasel out of the mess he finds himself in.

hbl said...

Write your Congressman and urge him to stand firm. I have to mine.

Unknown said...

I do not trust him in any way. I hope they drag out the process of meeting with him, until he compromises.