Thursday, March 04, 2010

It's all show

There he goes again.  Using people in lab coats as a prop while he once again tries to hoodwink the public about his healthcare reforms.

If they are indeed real medical personnel, where did they come from?  The AMA?  The White House staff?  According to press reports the AMA is not representative of the vast majority of practitioners.  If Staff, no more needs be said.

Or, are they merely a bunch of stand-ins supplied by SEIU like before.


Teresa said...

These docs are all props. Probably bribed by either the White House or SEIU.

Ron Russell said...

To bad those in the white coats are not there to take him away to a padded cell! Wouldn't that be a sight!

hbl said...

Heh. A white coat with extra long sleeves.

Nah. He's not crazy. But, his behavior is bordering on treasonous (he swore to uphold the Constitution and he is not).