Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Open letter to GOP members

To: GOP Members of Congress

I've just finished watching an interview with a Democrat Representative on CNBC on the pending "deeming" of the health care bill in the House. And, it was a most frustrating experience.

When the CNBC interviewer challenged the Representative on the use of "deeming" for this bill, the Representative gave a smarmy reply recounting how the Republicans routinely used "deeming" when they had the majority.

Now, the minority leader has been protesting that "deeming" was never used for something so important. Well, let him who is without sin cast the first stone: The minority leader's protestations are on weak ground. It doesn't matter what the previous situation was. In the public's mind the minority leader's protest has been successfully deflected. And, justifiably so.

So, I hope the GOP members have learned a lesson and, when back in majority, will drop the shortcuts and legislate as directed by Article 1, Section 7.

Finally, should the Administration's bill pass and is signed by the President, start thinking "Repeal."

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