Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Barack Obama's Presidency

When a man is elected president it is expected he will be the President of all the People. When the President addresses the People, he is expected to speak to the whole People. When he represents the People to foreign governments, he is expected to deport himself in a statesmanlike manner. But, our President—the Marxist/Progressive Barack H. Obama—is failing those standards. As these examples illustrate, Obama speaks only to his base and against those that hold differing opinions:
Mocks the tea party movement [1]:

So, you know, when you see -- those of you who are watching certain news channels that -- on which I'm not very popular -- (laughter) -- and you see folks waving tea bags around -- (laughter)

Mocks dissenting opinion in Congress [2]:

So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there any -- (laughter) -- asteroids falling or -- (applause) -- some cracks opening up in the Earth. (Laughter.) It turned out it was a nice day. (Laughter.)

Mischaracterizes the People's voice on the health care bill [3]:

You met the lies with truth. You met cynicism with conviction. … Now, let me tell you what change looks like -- because those fighting change are still out there, still making a lot of noise -- (laughter)

Displays petty, unstatesmanlike behavior [4]:

President Barack Obama had Netanyahu cool his heels while he had dinner in private during the PM's White House visit.
Someone once said of President Clinton: 'He's not the worst president we've had but he is the worst man that ever has been President.' Obama is showing himself to be worse in both respects.

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