Thursday, January 14, 2010

The fix is in

Deal Exempts Unions From 'Cadillac' Health-Plan Tax Till 2018

Unions and Democratic negotiators agreed Thursday to scale back a proposed tax on high-end health-insurance plans in the health bill, in part by adding a provision exempting collectively bargained contracts from the tax through Jan. 1, 2018.

Is this one of the nastiest administrations in history, or what?


Teresa said...

This administration is dirty to the core and the worst of the worst.

hbl said...

And how! I've never seen such a pell mell rush to stuff legislation through the process.

But, then again, this healthcare legislation is a prized plum on the Progressive agenda.

So, perhaps, O and his minions saw this as their last best chance to impose the legislation because of anticipated losses in the 2010 elections.

Or, maybe the plan was to get it through in 2009 and let voter passion fade leading up to the elections.

Either way, O's administration stands out viz-a-viz the crass political calculations that are being made.

Ron Russell said...

These union plans are really great--"A Cadillac they don't even have to put gas in". Where can I get one of those?

hbl said...

Andy Stern would be able to point you in the direction.