Friday, January 29, 2010

Those poor people

'Too White' Berkeley Science Labs May Be Cut
The Berkeley (CA) Board of Education will consider, at its February 3 meeting, whether or not to cancel before and after school Science Labs for Advanced Placement Science classes at Berkeley High School because the classes are attended largely by white students. The proposal is aimed at addressing "Berkeley's dismal racial achievement gap"
Those poor people.   Their public officials are so pathetic.   But, Progressives are as Progressives do.  You'd think the people would vote the rascals out;  yet they don't.

Those poor people.


Ron Russell said...

Progressive leaders do NOT want to help people up but rather pull everyone down to the lowest common denominator and then they can be in total control. They have little to fear from the blacks in this case, and the only opposition they will face is an unaroused public in this specific case. However, times are changing. Berkeley is itself a "white lab" for progressives.

Unknown said...

You have got to be kidding me? We are becoming as extreme about racial diversity, as Hitler was about racial purity.