Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Insight into Progressivism

Here is a gem from the PBD — Progressive Blog Digest:
View From the Corner: For some, "hope for change" now means "hope Obama will change." But hasn't "hope for change" always really meant "hope that We the People change?"
That last phrase is at the heart of progressivism and most likely is what the Progressives, especially O, had in mind.


Ron Russell said...

I think Obama was living in a world where he thought most already thought as he did. I don't know if the election in MA snapped him back to reality or not. It really doesn't matter, he will continue on his path toward socialism no matter what---tonight will be smoke and mirrors and some will be fooled while others have tasted the bitter elixer of this snake oil salesman and are not going back for seconds.

hbl said...

Speaking of being fooled: I've heard McCain, Lindsey Graham and some others described as progressives. But, I think their weak attachment to our founding principles caused them to be 'fooled' by O's soaring rhetoric into thinking exceptional times require exceptional actions.